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Unsere Partnerpraxis in Warschau
IMPLADENT Warschau / Warszawa

Ul. Zytnia 16
01-014 Warszawa

Öffnungszeiten :
Montag - Freitag
10:oo - 20:oo
10:oo - 15:oo


Willkommen bei IMPLADENT

Let us take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to our state-of-the-art private Dental Implant & Skin Care Centre conveniently located in the heart of the City of Warsaw. We provide a complete range of the quality professional dental care services for adults and children. Whether you want to solve a complex problem or create a new smile, we are confident that we can help. Our fully air conditioned facilities come complete with a spacious and light filled working environment. You can even watch a DVD during treatments!

Our Philosophy

We aim to provide a complete range of dental care treatments to bring the best cosmetic and practical solutions modern dentistry has to offer.

We strongly believe that our patients' comfort is an important part of quality dental care. We endeavour to ease all the possible apprehension you may have concerning previous dental experience. We hope to prove to you that modern dental treatment can be anxiety and pain free thus make your visit to our practice enjoyable and entertaining* .

Individual approach

Over the years we have found that in order to provide the best quality care we must get to know our patients first. We understand you all have different emotional and financial approach to dental care.
In order to meet each and every personal requirement we treat you individually. Together, a patient and a doctor form a team built on trust and confidence. Unlike many dental practices we really do make friends with our patients.

In-chair entertainment:
Why not enjoy yourself whilst having your treatment done? For children, nervous patients or longer appointments in the dental chair we offer the use of Audiovisual Glasses. The glasses create the illusion of watching the movie on a 6ft wide screen and the sound is awesome too. We have a long list of movies of varying lengths, so just sit back and relax while your teeth are made beautiful.

Personal consultation

It is the first and most important step. At your initial examination we:

  • Listen to you to fully understand your concerns, fears and needs;
  • Explain in detail the treatment options available with their advantages and drawbacks;
  • Help you to choose the most appropriate treatment plan;
  • Inform you about estimated cost and time involved.

Estimates may change as the treatment progresses but we will keep you informed.


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  Dr. Dariusz Niesobędzki  
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